Join our community of HR and benefits leaders creating change in healthcare at our annual conference, Together with Collective Health™.

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Discuss what matters

Hear how health benefits have emerged as a true contender to give companies an edge over the competition. Coupled with powerful point solutions, memorable member experiences, and thoughtful DEI&B policies, the new front in the Talent Wars is focused on meeting employee needs, supporting their wellbeing, and that of their loved ones too.

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Empower your people

Discover how to escape the fragmentation that plagues most health benefits, add value to your programs, and design an inclusive plan that empowers your people.

Connect with peers

We bring together the entire Collective Health community to learn from each other, collaborate on solutions, and inspire us all to address the challenges of supporting our modern day workforces.


Hear from industry leaders

Join healthcare experts, innovative companies, and Collective Health leadership, as we discuss what it takes to provide a health benefits experience that will set you apart.

Here are some highlights from this year’s conference

See our recap

Collective Health: 2022 Collective Together

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