Conference Overview - Together with Collective Health

Join our community of HR and benefits leaders creating change in healthcare.

Discuss what matters

Due to the massive converging forces of a global health crisis and a financial meltdown, it is NOT business as usual for most of us. Taking care of our people, ensuring their safety, and providing meaningful support is all in a usual day’s work but in these unprecedented times everything has been in overdrive.

Imagine what’s next

In order to move forward towards a “new normal” we need to look back on the last year to understand what just happened, how we’re broadening our mindset about people’s health, and what steps we're all taking next to build the future that everyone deserves. Let’s harness these changes with clarity and purpose to drive true recovery, wellness, and business impact.

Connect with peers

We’re bringing the entire Collective Health community together, virtually, to collaborate on how to address adversity head-on, while supporting people through uncertain times.

Hear from industry leaders

A speaker lineup featuring today’s most insightful business, health, and policy leaders.

  • You can’t have these types of conversations anywhere else, more HR folks would love to be here.

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